The “Ultra” Other – Hand Glaze Painted


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This captivating mug depicts the bust of an elaborately tattooed Frankenstein’s Monster wearing a vested suit and bowtie.

The artist behind this amazing design, Tom “BigToe” Laura, said it best: “I based this mug on my painting entitled “The Other”, which was a reimagining of Mary Shelley’s monster epic where the anti-hero jumped a tramp steamer headed to the South Pacific rather than the North Pole. I think he would have had a more happy ending that way.”

We agree. The Ultra Other features an elaboration of glazes including green, black, platinum, off-white and red. He stands 8″ high and holds approximately 28 oz.

This is the final curtain call of this very popular mug from your friends here at Tiki Farm.



Tiki Farm


Tom "BigToe" Laura


28 oz.




Glazes including Green, Black, Platinum, Off-white and Red

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