About Us

Tiki Mugs Australia was founded with the goal of introducing tiki culture to our shores by providing an abundance of unique and captivating mug designs suited to all tastes. Our mugs are designed by legendary artists who inject their own personal flair into each creation, making our range the most unique you’ll find.

With a lack of places to buy tiki mugs, it was our duty to cater to the market of rum and tiki mug enthusiasts, in particular collectors. As it turned out, there were hardly any Australian manufacturers specialising in tiki mugs, so we got busy contacting tiki artisans across the world and – presto – Tiki Mugs Australia was born!

Help us to continue growing the tiki mug culture within Australia by browsing our selection, keep a look out for mugs that you love and be sure to lift your tikis and say cheers to tiki culture down under before you check out. And stay tuned – we’re on the hunt for more weird and wacky tiki designs to expand the collection!

Unboxing of the lost tiki of tora toa

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