Five Tiki Drinks You Just Must Try

It’s been nearly a century since Donn Beach opened the infamous Beachcomber Bar in Hollywood, giving Tinseltown a much needed injection of laid-back, good vibes; almost 100 years since Tiki culture made its way to the bamboo-bedazzled bars of the west – and we’re still not sick of it. The enduring popularity of all things Tiki is not surprising, because Tiki – above all – means happiness. You can’t look at a Tiki Mug without cracking a smile, you can’t taste classic Tiki Drink without relaxing instantly, and you can’t walk into a Tiki Bar and not feel like you’re on holidays. If you are craving that special Tiki-joy, check out these five delightful beverages to get your vacation fix anytime, anywhere.

1.) The Mai Tai

This is the mother (or father) of all Tiki cocktails; it’s been referred to as ‘summer in a glass’ and rightly so. The perfect Mai Tai contains pineapple juice, orange juice, a jigger of spiced rum, half-a-jigger of coconut flavoured rum and just a teaspoon of grenadine syrup to bring it all together. Shake vigorously with plenty of ice and serve in a friendly Tiki Mug, ideally with a little paper umbrella. ‘cause everything is better with a little paper umbrella.

2.) The Fog Cutter

Sweet, sour and very, very potent, this is the Long Island Ice Tea of the Tiki-verse and has been a staple on the menu of every Tiki Bar worth its salt. A decent Fog Cutter will bring you the essential vitamins of orange and lemon juice, shaken up with a jigger of white rum and a half-jigger each of gin, brandy, dry sherry and – wildcard! – orgeat syrup (that’s almond syrup for non-obsessives). In an ideal world, you will garnish the concoction with a toothpick ikebana involving orange slices, maraschino cherries and a single leaf of freshly picked mint. Artwork, anyone?

3.) The Singapore Sling

Let’s be real, the mere mention of the Singapore Sling is enough to conjure images of dimly lit bars permeated with a faint scent of ocean, sweat and clove cigarettes. Unusually for a classic Tiki Cocktail, the Singapore Sling is gin-based (one generous jigger’s worth), and gets his tropical flair from a half-jigger each of cherry brandy and grenadine syrup, a splash of Triple Sec, a gulp of Benedictine liqueur and a solid measure of lime juice. It’ll keep you warm. It’ll keep you cool. It’ll keep you happy.

4.) The Scorpion Bowl

We’ve all seen them, the Tiki Bowls. More bathtub than mug, with at least four straw holders, these little monsters are lovingly-crafted, ceramic proof that sharing is caring – and it all started with the Scorpion Bowl. This classic (perhaps the classic) of Tiki Cocktails contains three types of juice (pineapple, orange and lemon) and no less than six types of alcohol: equal measures of gin, light rum, vodka, 150 proof rum and grenadine syrup, plus a half measure of dark rum. And then, if you really want to get all out, you can light the little volcano in the middle. Fun times.

5.) The Missionary’s Downfall

Firstly, mad props for a genuinely amazing name. Secondly, mad props for bringing a genuinely left-field ingredient into the Tiki-sphere: Peach Schnapps. This Tiki Cocktail is a menace, mainly because it is so delicious and refreshing that you can forget you’re actually drinking something quite strong…but darn, is it good. For this delightful drink you need a big jigger of gold rum, half-a-jigger of peach schnapps, a dollop of honey flavoured syrup, pineapple juice, a twist of lime and LOTS of mint. Shake it, pour it and devour it.

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